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Is Medications Are Good For Eyes?

Answer is yes! If you have any issues with your eyes or vision problems you can start medications but before it must talk to you doctor because he knows better your health issues and your physical conditions.

In Market there are so many medications are available now you must have to choose best and what suits you. Every medication has their own formula and work mechanism.

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Additionally, Exercises and yoga are also equally help to get rid from eyes related issues. Some Homemade remedies are also good for your eyes.

Vitamins For Improving Visual Acuity

The best vitamins for the eyes are those that a specialist has selected for you, taking into account your age, health status and lifestyle.

Of course, no drug can completely restore vision, but even an adult patient can support it.

Vitamins For Myopic And Hypersighthouse

Nearsighted and farsighted people often want to get rid of their pathology. They begin to buy vitamin complexes so that visual acuity returns.

Unfortunately, there are no effective remedies that can restore vision in childhood or adulthood.

But still, vitamins are necessary to strengthen tissues, provide them with access to nutrients, establish metabolic processes, and normalize blood circulation.

What You Should Pay Attention When Choose A Drug

Active substances the composition of the drug depends on what exactly you buy it for. The amount of active substances is also important; otherwise there is a risk of developing hypervitaminosis.

Release form and taste this is more relevant for children, who care that the tablet is tasty and small. There are other nuances.

For example, drops have fewer side effects, but tablet preparations are more convenient to take, and they also contain more useful substances.

Contraindications In the struggle for better vision, do not forget about your health. For example, a number of drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Age of the patient the older the patient, the more important it is for him to select drugs that correct age-related changes.

Concomitant diseases In diabetes mellitus and hypertension, it is better to choose drugs that additionally normalize intraocular pressure and blood circulation.

Safety Information about the effectiveness and safety of vitamin complexes should be indicated in the instructions.

Expiration date If you need to take a course of treatment, then the end date of the course should not go beyond the expiration date of the drug.

Don’t expect instant results: even good vitamins take time to work. In addition, most drugs have a cumulative effect, and treatment should be taken in a course that will be determined by a specialist.

One should not be limited to vitamins. Rest, walks in the fresh air, gymnastics for the eyes and compliance with the rules of hygiene are what complement the intake of vitamins.

Natural Sources Of Eye Vitamins

Vitamins to improve vision are not only found in vitamin complexes, they can also be obtained from food. Therefore, it is so important to adjust the diet and eat in a balanced way.

The following products are very useful

Vitamin A: blueberries, carrots, grapefruit, liver, fish oil, eggs, milk, tomatoes, apricots, peppers, onions, pumpkin, persimmons, celery, parsley and wild garlic.

Vitamin B1: soybeans, peas and other legumes, liver, wholemeal bread, spinach, yeast, bran, fish and seafood.

Vitamin Q2: Green and leafy vegetables, seeds, eggs, cottage cheese, almonds, fresh peas, cheese, liver.

Vitamin B6: fish, liver, chicken eggs.

Vitamin B12: fish, eggs, beef, milk, sour cream, cheese, offal.

Vitamin C: oranges, tangerines and other citrus fruits, carrots, rose hips, raspberries, blackberries, black currants, cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes, paprika.

Vitamin E: Carrots, sea buckthorn, eggs, broccoli, butter, spinach, liver, nuts, leafy greens.